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Privacy Made Practical® Benchmarking

How effective is your data privacy program?

Our benchmarking service provides a measurable record of an organization’s data privacy maturity and an independent, external validation of compliance.

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Measuring data privacy effectiveness

Good data privacy is a point of real difference for an organization. But how do you show that your data privacy function is doing a good job? How do you assess your privacy maturity and performance in the absence of a reference baseline? This is where we can help.

Our benchmarking service provides an unbiased and independent measure of data privacy effectiveness and determines whether appropriate controls have been implemented to ensure compliance with data protection legislation and regulation.

The output is a comprehensive report that includes practical recommendations for improvement and remediation. 

If your organization could benefit from having an enhanced appreciation of your position in the world of data privacy, read on to learn more about what we provide and how it works. 

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Benefits of our service

  • Improved understanding of data privacy programme effectiveness
  • Demonstrable and reportable data privacy function metrics
  • Assessment of legal and regulatory compliance
  • Detailed insight into data privacy best practice 
  • Identification of opportunities for improvement and implementation of best practice
  • Practical, straightforward advice, tailored to the needs of your organization.

Our benchmarking service enables your organization to get an accurate assessment of the relative maturity of your privacy function providing a measurement baseline for future improvement. And in terms of governance, it provides that independent, external validation of compliance.

Your yardstick against which improvement can be measured

Our Privacy Made Practical® benchmark provides a measurable record of your organization’s overall privacy maturity and determines if appropriate controls have been implemented to ensure compliance with the specific aspects of data protection legislation and regulations including:

      • Implementation of a data protection policy and supporting policy framework
      • Existence of data processing agreements with third parties
      • Existence of records of processing activities
      • Compliance with the Jamaica Data Protection Act 
      • Data protection governance and oversight function within.
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Our Privacy Made Practical® benchmarking offering seeks to help organizations develop a better understanding of their current performance against global standards developed by Securys.

Measurement criteria

We use a variety of measurement criteria to build a comprehensive view of your organization's data privacy effectiveness and will discuss with you the appropriate axes for your organization.
















Data sharing and transfers





How does it work?

Our flexible and adaptable service can be tailored to the specific needs of your organization. 

Data gathering

We draw on a variety of sources to build a comprehensive view of compliance, best practice and the potential for future enhancements, not only to your organization’s privacy programme but also to your core activities. 

Measurement criteria

We use a variety of privacy metrics (see above) and work with you to ensure we select the appropriate axes for your organization. 

Tightly defined scope

To deliver better clarity and focus and deeper insight (and manage costs), we recommend concentrating initially on one area of your business. We help determine the most relevant and appropriate area.

Resource requirement

The benchmarking exercise demands minimal engagement from key internal stakeholders, and this resource requirement is agreed at the outset.

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Reports and output

We generate a series of benchmarking scores which we present in a comprehensive report with key findings and detailed analysis. 

Our report includes the following:

  • A series of charts that show your organization’s data privacy performance relative to your sector and best practice across the agreed metrics (see radar chart below)
  • A series of Capability Maturity Model Integration (CMMI) measures across the agreed axes that indicate an overall data privacy maturity score
  • An indicative data privacy benchmark score for your organization as a whole
  • Detailed analysis and insight which substantiate our findings and are supported by a series of recommendations and actions for improvement to ensure that both the regulator and the data subject are satisfied. 

Practical remediation recommendations

Our report includes a detailed set of remediation recommendations, grounded in practical applicability.

We are delighted to get involved at ground level and support your front-line teams to implement the proposed changes included in our report, or we can simply outline our recommendations and areas for improvement and remediation.

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Insights and downloads

Privacy benchmarking

A service which provides an accurate measure of an organization’s privacy maturity and an independent, external validation of compliance.

Insights and downloads

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A data privacy audit is the foundation on which a company organizes its data protection compliance.

Insights and downloads

Your privacy engine room

Why not let Securys be your privacy engine allowing you to focus on privacy strategy and leadership?

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About Securys


A specialist data privacy consultancy with a difference

We are not a law firm, but we employ lawyers. We’re not a cybersecurity business but our staff qualifications include CISSP and CISA. We’re not selling a one-size-fits-all tech product, but we’ve built proprietary tools and techniques that work with the class-leading GRC products to simplify and streamline the hardest tasks in assuring data privacy.


Certified and accredited

We’re corporate members of the IAPP, and all our consultants are required to obtain one or more IAPP certifications. We’re ISO 27001 and 27701-certified and have a comprehensive set of policies and frameworks to help our clients achieve and maintain certification. Above all, our relentless focus is on practical operational delivery of effective data privacy for all your stakeholders.

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